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Are you in jeopardy of losing your best employees to another company over a better compensation package? Are you in the dark about commission and benefits?

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What's Included

Staff Compensation Bands

Compensation is important for recruiting and retaining top level talent. This section will provide the average total salary by agency role for your state as well as within each premium group.

Employee Benefits

Does your agency offer a retirement plan? Do you provide health, dental or vision benefits for your employees? See how you stack up against other agencies of your size in your state.

Weighted Shareholder Age

The broader the agency ownership, the more valuable the agency will be compared to narrowly held agencies. This section calculates the Weighted Average Shareholder Age (WASA) by region, premium group and employee count.

Employee Productivity

Productivity is a vital part of measuring any service-based organization. In this section, we'll provide a break down of the average spread ratio by region and premium group, as well as the average producer value and employee capacity.

Weighted Shareholder Age

People are the most valuable asset to any agency. In this section, you'll learn the average age of employees within each agency role by premium group, as well as the individual employee age spread in your state.

Gender Breakdown

In today’s modern marketplace, gender diversity is crucial to ensuring an organization’s success. We'll break down the average male and female salary, tenure and role distribution by state and premium group.

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