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COLUMBUS, OH (Mar. 3, 2020) – IntellAgents, an independent insurance data warehouse, has partnered with Beyond Insurance to provide data insights to help their agents grow, evaluate performance, and benchmark their goals.

Since its founding in 2018, IntellAgents has become the fastest growing independent insurance data warehouse in the country. It’s commitment to helping independent agents grow through high-level insights into their agencies has generated great interest throughout the country. Ohio along with six state associations: Florida, Massachusetts, Illinois, North Carolina, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland (IA&B are one entity) have ownership and lead the effort to help agencies transition into data-driven organizations. In addition, IntellAgents has partnered with five additional state associations including Texas, Georgia, Kansas, Tennessee and California and expects to continue to expand across the country with additional partnerships for the foreseeable future.

The Beyond Insurance Global Network (BIGN) helps agencies develop growth mindsets so they may capture unrealized potential through process thinking and process improvement. They have attracted agencies across the country that wish to invest in their growth by utilizing the Beyond Insurance tools and processes to improve their performance and ability to compete in the marketplace and best serve their clients.

Partnered with Beyond Insurance, IntellAgents will provide independent agents across the nation with access to relevant and actionable insights and benchmarks. These insights will strengthen BIGN agencies’ ability to learn and grow from each other. “IntellAgents is excited to partner with the Beyond Insurance Global Network to provide actionable data insights to this growing and forward-thinking group of agencies. We believe the agents of the future are the ones who can marry their personal client relationships with technology and data,” states Carey Wallace, IntellAgent’s Chief Executive Officer. “The forward-thinking members of the Beyond Insurance Global Network (BIGN) understand and value the power of data. It is for this reason that Beyond Insurance and the BIGN values the partnership with IntellAgents,” states Scott Addis, CPCU, CRA, CBWA, TRA, executive director of the BIGN.


About IntellAgents

Founded in 2018, IntellAgents is the fastest growing independent insurance data analytics warehouse in the country. IntellAgents leverages data to provide actionable insights to independent agents helping them grow, make informed business decisions, and compete in the changing insurance marketplace. For more information, visit

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About Beyond Insurance

In the Fall of 2006, four agencies came together to form The Beyond Insurance Global Network (BIGN). Comprised of a select group of independent agencies, Beyond Insurance provides diagnostic tools, technology, and specialized solutions to support agency growth and serve clients as valued, trusted risk advisors. The BIGN is the fourth-largest insurance network in the U.S and has premiums totaling over $2 billion. For more information, visit