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Operate in a new space and gain high-level insight into your agency with our QuickClicks Business Development Tools (BDT). With one subscription, you can access all of our current tools and any new ones we release in the future! Scroll down to learn more about each tool.

What's Included

Agency Valuation Calculator

Our Agency Valuation Calculator provides a fair market value range for your agency based on current market conditions. The tool provides a baseline range of value, whereas actual pricing for an external sale or internal perpetuation would be driven by additional factors and considerations. A full valuation report will give you a more in-depth assessment of pricing based on a thorough assessment of the agency’s book of business and an overall assessment of the agency’s risk.

Productivity Insights Tool

The Productivity Insights tool provides some key metrics about your agency’s productivity based on four data points, and offers both regional and state-wide comparisons that are updated daily in order to give agents the most up-to-date benchmarking information. Our insights are the result of massive amounts of data, aggregated from actual agency inputs, which are then analyzed and adjusted to account for the changing market trends.

Strategic Profit Modeling Tool

The Strategic Profit Modeling tool, previously called QuickClicks CashFlow, helps determine how your expenses impact your profitability. The waterfall chart is ideal for showing how your agency can arrive at a net profit margin by breaking down the cumulative effect of expenses that contribute to fluctuations in your profit versus an industry standard proforma view.

Producer Goal Worksheet

The Producer Goal Worksheet provides an easy way to create realistic goals for each of your producers as well as calculate your overall producer averages. Using a handful of key data points, the tool offers weekly, monthly and annual milestones by producer to help you stay on track and reach your year-end goals.

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