Release Notes

May 2021 (Website)

May 28, 2021 | version: 2.1.0



Company rebranding

Rebranding from IntellAgents to IA|METRIC

Streamlined content

Updated website content to focus on key areas of IA|METRIC and product/service offerings

April 2020 (Website)

April 25, 2020 | version: 1.2.0



Automatic “save & continue”

“Save & Continue” feature automatically built into all forms when user clicks “Next” button

Bulk spreadsheet upload feature

Integrated “bulk spreadsheet upload” option created to add all employees at once when completing the Employee Roster

QuickClicks Online Tools updated

Face-lift and additional insights added to QuickClicks Online Tools

Integrated “add” function

Integrated “add” function for carriers, networks and agency management systems in all forms

Dynamic carrier list

Dynamically populated carrier list based on the agency’s state

Employee pre-population from Roster Management app

Automatically populate all employees and employee information in R.I.S.E. Profile and Salary Survey if the Agency Main Contact previously filled out employee roster through the Roster Management app

Cross-compatibility with Roster Management app

Cross-compatibility between data within the Roster Management app and the employee sections within the R.I.S.E. Profile and Salary Survey, allows for automatic population of all employees and their data

Dynamic “current” fiscal year

Dynamic “current” fiscal year customized to each agency, allows population and storage of data accordingly

December 2019 (Website, Roster Management)

December 6, 2019 | version: 2.1.0



New hosting platform

Moved the IntellAgents website to a different hosting platform for improved speed and performance

New authentication method

Implemented a new authentication method using single sign-on (SSO) for a seamless user transition across all IntellAgents pages (i.e. IntellAgents Portal, Roster Management App, etc.)

New Roster Management application

Built a custom Roster Management application in-house for improved user experience and performance, as well as future enhancement opportunities

User security groups

Transitioned the existing user security groups for Agency Main Contacts to the new system; used to restrict employee access within the IntellAgents Portal